ATR OpenHouse with revolutionary innovation in IM production

At this year’s ATR solutions in-house exhibition, the innovative HILDEGARD mobile robot station attracted a great deal of interest from the plastics industry. More than 100 trade visitors experienced HILDEGARD and the latest 5th generation of injection molding machines from HAITIAN.

The plastics industry is facing a variety of challenges, including price pressure, flexibility requirements and staff shortages. With HILDEGARD, the mobile robot unit, ATR solutions offers a pioneering solution that overcomes these obstacles:


  • Price pressure and flexibility: HILDEGARD enables the cost-efficient production of both small and large batch sizes, allowing companies to increase their competitiveness.
  • Avoiding staff shortages and machine downtimes: The automation of work processes by HILDEGARD reduces the dependency on manual work and therefore minimizes potential production downtime due to staff shortages. This ensures continuous production and optimizes plant uptime.
  • Quality assurance: By reducing manual intervention, HILDEGARD improves product quality and minimizes the risk of rejects.
  • Versatility and user-friendliness: HILDEGARD is not limited to injection molding production, but can also be used for other tasks. Its intuitive operation makes it accessible to all employees without requiring special robotics knowledge.

The latest generation of HAITIAN injection molding machines: energy-efficient, intelligent and cost-effective


In addition to HILDEGARD, ATR solutions is presenting the latest generation of injection molding machines from HAITIAN. These machines set standards in energy efficiency, price-performance ratio and intelligence thanks to built-in artificial intelligence:

  • Energy efficiency: the machines consume significantly less energy compared to previous models, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • Fair price and maximum efficiency: Thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio and integrated AI, HAITIAN machines optimize production processes and increase the overall efficiency of the production process.

With pioneering solutions and a comprehensive range of services, ATR solutions is not only a strong partner for HAITIAN but also for the entire plastics industry. From solving current challenges to optimizing production processes, the company supports its customers in achieving their goals and actively shaping the future.

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ATR solutions is a provider of complete solutions in the field of plastics processing and a sales and service partner of HAITIAN, the world’s largest injection molding machine manufacturer. We offer a wide range of services. These include service, training, consulting and maintenance of machines and peripherals. Our partner network enables us to offer complete systems for the plastics processing industry and to provide our customers with the best possible support.