We celebrate Chinese anniversary

Haitian International Germany (HTIG) celebrates Chinese anniversary: In just 8 years from a machine manufacturer for standard applications to a system provider for industry solutions.

2015 marked the start of the success story of the Haitian team in Ebermannsdorf, as the European headquarters of one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines. Actually, Haitians origins even go back to the previous millennium: its longest-standing injection molding machine in Germany dates back to 1998, and its earliest all-electric machine was installed in 2007 – running smoothly ever since.

“It is no exaggeration to say that we have helped shape the success of electric and energy-efficient injection molding technologies in Germany,” emphasizes Niels Herz, Sales Manager Germany at Haitian International Germany. “This fills us with pride, and we want to continue in this way.”

Today, HTIG counts more than 500 loyal customers in Germany. More than 1,500 machines have been installed in Germany to date, of which 350 units are with two-platen technology, as well as around 600 electric ones. Our network now includes more than 200 sales and service engineers throughout Europe; each one is indispensable.

What makes Haitian stand out in Europe? Reliable machines and fair conditions. High availability thanks to a large stock of machines and spare parts. Genuine interest in the needs of local producers and close proximity to the market and customers. With a range of products and services that cover almost the entire spectrum of modern injection molding technologies, including compression molding, various 2K/3K molding solutions, LSR, medical applications, and many more.

We would like to express a “Warm Thank You!” to all our customers, partners and employees for their trust and support. They have played an essential role in this remarkable journey so far. We promise to continue our full commitment, customized services and application solutions as needed – simply: Technology to the Point.